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Motorsport has been a facination of mine for a very long time. My very first event was shortly after I had received my driving licence. 

Me and two friends took part in a navigation rally in my fathers car, a brand new station wagon. We didn't win and we got lost quite a few times during the event. Luckily nothing bad happened so I was spared coming home with cap in hand, since it actually had slipped my mind to tell my father what the reason was for me borrowing his car. 

After the initial excitement, things then stayed quiet for quite a while then I got the opportunity to join a team from Karlskoga as a junior driver and do endurance competitions. The teams name is Rutger Racing and at that time they were running a VW Golf in the Nordic Six Hours Cup (NSHC). I raced with team quite a few times during a period of five years and the team actually won the cup one of the years, despite me participating in all races.

During these years I also tried to attend as many driving training events as possible and on I can really recommend is Scuderia Hanseat that lets you practice your driving on the famous Nürburg Ring. I attended this for several years in a row and had a fabulous time, it is really an adventure if you like driving. This area of Germany is also stunningly beautiful if the weather is good.

Then work took me abroad and I moved to the Pacific Northwest Coast in the United States. Being a car nut,