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About me

I was born on Kungsholmen in Stockholm and also went to school there for quite some time. After the compulsory school I studied Natural Science at Kungsholmens Gymnasium (Junior College).   I then started to work at a bank and at the same time studied English Language, Law and Computer Science at the Stockholm University. After a long time with very little leisure time on my hand a finally completed a Bachelors Degree in the above subject. 

A friend of mine introduced me to the Commodore Vic 64 computer and I was hooked for life. I first purchased a Sinclair ZX Spectrum because it was more affordable but quickly realized that the Vic 64 was the best hardware. This was actually the foundation of my career choice.

While working at Föreningsbankernas Bank (now part of Swedbank) I got the opportunity to work as a user representative in the project team that was working on a financial trading and account management application series for the bank. My role was doing testing from a user perspective but I quickly learned there was other slots to fill. I took the opportunity to get into the user interface and usability aspects of the development. The consultants in charge had designed the system from forms used by the bank, and was very different to how the actual employees used the form. In one particular form that was used thousands of times a day we saved about 50 tab clicks, and that meant saving approximately 30 seconds of user input time per transaction. When this project had turned into a working system I had come to realize that I wanted to work in the computer industry.

I then proceeded to look for opportunities among all the large computer companies and finally decided on IBM. I started at IBM as a service technician working with mainframe operating systems (MVS/XA and VM/SP) and databases (DB2). IBM was a fantastic employer and invested heavily in training us and I got a very solid system engineer training during the first two years I worked there.